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5ml glass container

One gram glass container with white or black screw top lid for cannabis concentrate.  Great for Cannabis pre packaging.


Silicone coated parchment

4x4 pre cut, silicone coated, parchment squares.  


1/2 gram bag / parchment bundle

1,000 1/2 gram smellproof bags,1,000 parchment squares.


1 gram silicone container

One gram, silicone non stick container for concentrates.


Prop 65 / 215 Compliance Label

Prop 65 / 215 compliance labels for cannabis / marijuana pre packaging.  California prop 65 requires cancer warnings, stay compliant with prop 65 / 215 combo labels.  


6ml ShoulderLess Glass Container

6ml one gram shoulder less glass container for cannabis concentrate packaging.