Jars & Pop Tops

Glass Stash Jars

Our glass stash jars are far superior than the recycled candle jars that you fill find with numerous distributors.  Glass stash jars have a thick and durable wall with an air tight seal that you can actually hear as you close the jar.  Stash Jars come with pre printed designs, plain, or with the CA H&S Code printed directly on the lids.  Same exact High quality jars used by the highest quality dispensaries in the world including Harborside Health Center in Oakland CA.

Pop Top Vials

Our plastic tube pop top containers are perfect for the patient with any debilitating pain condition. Just squeeze the sides and the container will open right up, and you can tell by the smell that hits your nose, that the medicine inside is staying fresh.

Glass jars are the best storage method for long term preservation of your top quality Medical Marijuana.