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Concentrate Packaging

Concentrate Packaging

Concentrate Packaging for any consistency of concentrate.  Silicone coated parchment, plastic containers and glass containers.

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1 gram concentrate container

One gram 5ml screw top concentrate container.


5ml glass container

One gram glass container with white or black screw top lid for cannabis concentrate.  Great for Cannabis pre packaging.


Silicone coated parchment

4x4 pre cut, silicone coated, parchment squares.  


No.1 envelope black

Number one coin envelopes for concentrates or seeds.


No.1 envelope white

Number one coin envelopes for concentrates or seeds.


1/2 gram bag / parchment bundle

1,000 1/2 gram smellproof bags,1,000 parchment squares.


Gram bag / parchment bundle

1,000 gram bags and 1,000 parchment squares.


No.1 envelope / silicone parchment bundle

1,000 number one envelopes and 1,000  4x4 pre cut silicone parchment squares.


One gram container / label bundle

One thousand one gram acrylic concentrate containers paired with one thousand custom 1" labels.


1 gram silicone container

One gram, silicone non stick container for concentrates.


6ml ShoulderLess Glass Container

6ml one gram shoulder less glass container for cannabis concentrate packaging.  


.5ml cartridge with clamshell packaging

Our .5ml cartridges for distillate come paired with clamshell exterior packaging.  Clamshells can be customized with inserts in the amounts of 1,000.


.5ml Cartridge

Our .5ml cartridge works perfect for cannabis distillate.  Cartridges come with the mouthpieces removed for easy and quick filling.


Child Proof Container and Custom Labels

1,134 of our shoulder less 5ml glass, child proof, concentrate containers paired with 1,134 glossy 1" custom labels.  3-5 day turnaround, just send us the artwork.


9ml Child Resistant Concentrate Container

One to four gram 9ml Child Resistant Concentrate Container with a black lid. Great for bulk concentrate packaging.