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Flower Packaging

Flower Packaging

High quality packaging for cannabis flower.  Mylar bags, pop top vials, push and turn vials and glass jars.  

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1/8 ounce smellproof bag


Eighth ounce smellproof mylar bag.  


13 Dram Pop Top Vial

Child proof 13 dram pop top vial for 1-2 grams of flower.  Pop tops are made of durable plastic capable of being used over and over again without breaking down.  10 colors available, clear and opaque options.


30 Dram Pop Top Vial

Child proof 30 dram pop top vial for 7-8 grams of flower.


19 Dram Pop Top Vial

19 dram pop top vial for 1-3.5 grams of flower.  


Eighth Ounce Glass Jars

Our 2 oz. eighth ounce glass jars are big enough to fit an eighth perfectly.  Eighth ounce glass jars come with a white, plastic screw top lid and do a great job keeping the buds fresh.


13 Dram Push / Turn Vial

13 dram child proof push and turn reverse cap vials are great for protecting the flower from light, locking in freshness and keeping your customers discreet.  


98mm Pre Rolled Cones

Pre rolled joint cones measuring 98mm with a 26mm filter.