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Parchment Paper

Parchment Paper

4x4 pre cut, silicone coated, parchment squares.  These parchment squares work just as good as the silicone containers, in the way that you can grab every last drop of sappy concentrate left on the paper.  A much more cost efficient way to package sappy concentrate, or any thing not so stable versus using silicone containers to pre package.

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Silicone Coated Parchment

4x4 pre cut, silicone coated, parchment squares.  


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1/2 Gram Bag / Parchment Bundle

1,000 1/2 gram smellproof bags,1,000 parchment squares.


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Gram Bag/Parchment Bundle

1,000 gram bags and 1,000 parchment squares.


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No.1 Envelope/Parchment Bundle

1,000 number one envelopes with 1,000 4x4 pre cut parchment squares.


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- Over 50% off normal pricing for Pound Bags.

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- AVAILABLE: Custom Pound Bags w/ Heat Stamped Logo.

- 15% off vape packaging on the website ( 3.5" PET tubes and Slide Box with or without foam insert )

- Enter code "vape15" at checkout.

 - Auto Labeling Services Available

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