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Custom Labeled Child Resistant 3.5" PET Cartridge Tube

Our child resistant 3.5" PET cartridge tube comes with a black or white push and turn cap.  This cartridge tube is very durable, made out of PET plastic and is a great option for cartridges and staying compliant.

*per unit refers to "per case"

Case amount = 250 vials per case.  

  • 1 case = 250 vials and lids
  • 2 cases = 500 vials and lids
  • 4 cases = 1,000 vials and lids
$225.00 per unit for buying at least 2
$200.00 per unit for buying at least 4
Brand: ebottles420
3.5" Vial Color
3.5" Vial Lid Color

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