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Strain / Compliant Labels for Medical Marijuana

Strain / Compliant Labels for Medical Marijuana

Strain / Compliance labels for medical marijuana. Labels for California, Oregon, Washington and Michigan.

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2x1 Blank Thermal Label

2x1 thermal labels for zebra printer.  


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One Gram Container/Label Bundle

One thousand one gram acrylic concentrate containers paired with one thousand custom 1" labels.


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Prop 65 / 215 Compliance Label

Prop 65 / 215 compliance labels for cannabis / marijuana pre packaging.  California prop 65 requires cancer warnings, stay compliant with prop 65 / 215 combo labels.  


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Child Proof Container and Custom Labels

1,134 of our shoulder less 5ml glass, child proof, concentrate containers paired with 1,134 glossy 1" custom labels.  3-5 day turnaround, just send us the artwork.


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5ml Glass (Non-CR) Container and Label Bundle

Our 5ml glass screw top container with black or white lid, with your choice of 500 or 1,000 custom gloss labels.


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1,000 Custom Labels

1,000 custom labels, 30 per page.  Great way to stay compliant, or to make a quick drop and you only need a small run of labels.  


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CA Prop 65 Compliance Labels

California has passed proposition 65, requiring businesses to label for cancer and reproductive harm, including dispensaries.  Make sure to stay compliant with our prop 65 labels, 1000 labels per roll.


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Prop 64 / Universal Symbol Label

Prop 64 / CA Universal Symbol for Cannabis Label.  This label is for compliant labeling of CA cannabis under prop 64.  


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Product Not Tested / MAUCRSA Label

Product Not Tested / MAUCRSA Label. "Cannabis goods have not been tested as required by the medicinal and adult use cannabis regulation and safety act".  


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Medical Use Only Label

Medical Use Only Label. This Label is used to distinguish between medical use only products and recreational products as required under CA Prop 64.


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CA Thermal Labels (2x1) 2300 Count Per Roll

2x1 CA H&S code thermal label.


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