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1/4 ounce smellproof bag Quarter ounce smell proof mylar bag... Product #: SPB14 Regular price: $27.00 $27.00

1/4 ounce smellproof bag

Dimensions: 6.63in x 4.00in x 0.00in

Price: $27.00

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Our quarter ounce smell proof bag can fit up to 8 grams of flower depending on density, by using the expandable gusset.  Smell proof bags come with a tear notch, heat seal area, and a resealable zipper.  Bags are thick enough to protect from punters by stems, and maintain integrity through multiple uses.

Heat Seal Area
Non State Specific Warnings
Tear Notch Area
Expandable Gusset
CA Specific Warning
Possible Uses:
Marijuana Packaging
Dispensary Packaging
Best For
Pre Packaging
Recommended Pairing(s)

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