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1 Gram Smellproof Mylar Bag 1 gram smell proof mylar bags.. Product #: SPB1G Regular price: $16.00 $16.00

1 Gram Smellproof Mylar Bag

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1 gram smell proof mylar bags.  These smellproof bags work great for concentrates folded inside of parchment, 1-2 of our 5ml acrylic container, or 1 of our 1 gram glass containers.  1 gram smellproof bag holds up to 2 grams of flower, and over ten capsules.  Smellproof bags work great for locking out moisture and keeping whatever is inside fresh for multiple uses. Smell proof Bags have a tear notch, heat seal area and are resealable.  

Heat Seal Area
Non State Specific Warnings
Tear Notch Area
CA Specific Warning
Possible Uses:
Marijuana Packaging
Dispensary Packaging
Best For
Pre Packaging
Recommended Pairing(s)
Parchment Paper


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