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Halloween Themed Bag for Edibles

A custom shaped Halloween themed bag designed for Mainstage California in collaboration with Terp Mansion. These bags feature a white knockout with metallic base in the eyes for a glowing effect and feature a child resistant resealable zipper to meet child resistant requirements.

Suite Success Eighth Bag

This bag features a matte texture with metallic knockouts and a clear gusset with re sealable child resistant zipper. Client wanted the logo and font on the front of the bag to really standout, so we did a knockout behind the color, so the metallic would shine through. Clear gusset, so product inside is protected from light but can still be seen by customers at point of purchase.

Airline Ticket Wallet Custom Shaped Bag

Custom die cut bag made for Mainstage in Collaboration with PaperPlanes Extracts.

Custom Die Cut bag Made for WHAM! and The Holding Company

Premiere packaging designed for WHAM! and The Holding Company. Custom die cut bag for an eighth.

Custom Mylar Bag with Iridescent Film for Midzotics

Custom mylar bag made for Midzotics with iridescent film to mimic the color of the logo.

Custom Shaped Bag for Royalty Grown Cannabis

Customer wanted a bag designed around their logo, large enough for a quarter ounce. This was the end result.

Custom Label for Eighth Jar

Custom labeled eighth jar label for WHAM! This was to be used while the custom bags were in production.

Bag and Box Combination

This was a bag project to hold a one gram distillate vape cartridge. The comes sealed on top for bottom loading the product. No zipper or tear notch to meet single use child resistant requirements. The box holds 20 bags.

Point of Purchase display box for SF CANNA

Customer needed a point of purchase display box to hold 16 eighth bags. This one is foil stamped with embossed logo.

Boutique Shopping Bag

High quality heavy weight shopping bag designed to look simple and clean for BLK DMND Boutique in Sacramento CA.

Bag Design for Cookies

Worked directly with Cookies to delvelop a consistent design for eighth, quarter and half ounce bags.

Custom Mylar Pound Bags

The customer wanted two bag designs that had a consistent look and feel between the two brands, Connected and Cookies.

Custom Eighth Jar Label

Customer needed a label that was consistent in design with a bag that they already had in production.

Concept Box for a Disposable Vape Pen

Concept box designed for Cookies, to hold one disposable vape pen.

Concept Box for Concentrate Jar

A box designed for Lumpys to hold a 5ml glass jar for Concentrate.

Concept Box for 28 Cones

A box designed for Lumpys to hold 28 pre packaged cones.